How does ReturnMe Work?

ReturnMe offers a simple, confidential and secure way of getting back your lost items from anywhere in the world. Watch our quick video to understand the ReturnMe Process, and what we can do to protect your items.

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Lost - Found - Returned


Activate each ReturnMe recovery ID# and then attach it to the item you wish to protect.


If you lose an item, finders can contact ReturnMe's live agents 24/7, 365 days a year!


ReturnMe will connect you with the finder to arrange to have your item shipped back to you, internationally.

Tag Features


Your name, number and address are not printed on the tag. Your privacy is protected using your unique ID #, which links to our database.

24/7, 365 Service

Finders can use our toll-free number as well as our website to report the lost item. 

Reward Incentive

ReturnMe offers a reward which motivates the finder to contact us as soon as possible, easing the return of your item.

5 Year Warranty

ReturnMe offers a 5 year warranty on all our luggage and key tags, which are made from durable metal.

ReturnMe Works!

With over tens of thousands of recoveries and millions of items being protected around the world, ReturnMe’s service clearly works! Over 80% of items we protect are returned within 48 hours. Here is why customers love using ReturnMe!



Protecting your valuables shouldn't compromise your privacy. Your personal information isn't displayed on the tags for all to see.

Save replacement costs 

The average person spends $2600 in replacement costs throughout their life. ReturnMe is a great way to prevent permanently losing your valuables.

Lifetime service

ReturnMe's service is free for life! We also offer optional paid memberships to blow you away with our unmatched service.

Worldwide service

ReturnMe works all across the world. No matter where your valuables are found, ReturnMe can help ship it wherever you’ll be!

Reward For Finder

ReturnMe takes care of offering a reward to those returning your valuables. Our recovery tags say "ReturnMe for Reward" on them, which incentivizes finders to report your items.

24/7 Recovery Agents

ReturnMe is always here for you! We have recovery agents working around the clock 24/7/365 to ensure the safe retrieval of your lost items.

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