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"I live and breathe with my cellphone. Without it, I would have been totally lost. ReturnMe was a great resource, and I highly recommend it."

Gary, Marketing Consultant


"My wife lost her keys one day. Put it on top of the car, and drove away. ReturnMe called me, let me know that somebody found the keys near a bike path. They met me, dropped it off in the mailbox, and I got my keys back. Love the product; appreciate it!"

Justin, Sales Associate


"ReturnMe is a very useful service, and I think people recognize that. I think it's a fantastic idea; I've signed up for one myself, along with my parents, and some of my friends. Everyone loves it. They look great, and everyone at ReturnMe has been absolutely wonderful.

Phil, KIA Sales Rep.

A great service! My wife left our second set of car keys in a shopping cart. Before she realized that they were missing ReturnMe had already reached out to me to let me know that our keys had been found. It is pretty awesome that our keys were found and we were notified of their location before we even had a chance to worry about the fact that they were missing. I will certainly make sure that I always have the ReturnMe tags on my keys. Thank you!

Alan, Toronto

Wonderful and quick service. Lost my luggage during a flight from New Zealand to Paris. You guys were able to coordinate with our airlines and have my bag returned in 2 days at my hotel which was amazing because I needed my clothes for a wedding! Will highly recommend your service to friends and family.

M.A. Hietala-Coyle, Halifax

Good morning. First and foremost let me say thank you for all the help from ReturnMe, we did receive our passports, the person who found them stated they were on the street on a sidewalk in some district in Paris, the city we were visiting. Wonderful service and so happy we had registered with your company.

Jeniffer P, New Zealand