Here are a few reviews from our satisfied customers:

"I lost my keys while at Disney World with my family. I didn’t even realize they went missing until you called me. Amazing service, i’m a customer for life!"
Martha, Chicago

"A great service! My wife left our second set of car keys in a shopping cart. Before she realized that they were missing ReturnMe had already reached out to me to let me know that our keys had been found. It is pretty awesome that our keys were found and we were notified of their location before we even had a chance to worry about he fact hat they were missing. I will certainly make sure that I always have the ReturnMe tags on my keys. Thank you!" Alan, Toronto

"This was my first time forgetting my cellphone while out and about! Didn't notice its absence until the following morning..then..panic! How wonderful it was to get your message that it had been recovered! One quick phone call and I was able to get my phone back! Painless and easy...thank you!!"  M.A. Hietala-Coyle, Halifax

"I recently got a phone call from your service stating that someone had found my keys. Funny thing was I thought I had only lost them in my house. My boys had left them on the trunk the night before and they flew off when I was driving. They put me in touch with wonderful person who had found them and I had them back within an hour. I would have spent hours looking for them in my house. This is an amazing service so pleased. Thank you!"  Cindy, New York

"My iPhone dropped out of my bicycle bag while cycling on the rail trail yesterday. I had returned home and was not even aware that I had lost it when I received an email from ReturnMe saying that it had been found. I thought it was a scam email until I saw the description of my phone case and the location it had been found. Sure enough when I ran out to my bike, the phone was not there. I was able to text the finder and within 10 minutes she delivered it to my house! Amazing! When I think of the stress and expense I would have had if it had not been found, I am so grateful for that little sticker on the back of my phone. What a fantastic system and service. Thank you so much. "  Gael Morrison, Ontario, Canada

"Wonderful and quick service. Lost my luggage during a flight from New Zealand to Paris. You guys were able to coordinate with our airlines and have my bag returned in 2 days at my hotel which was amazing because I needed my cloths for a wedding! Will highly recommend your service to friends and family."  Jennifer P., New Zealand

"This is the 3rd time in 4 years you guys have helped our family. Just last week you found our keys near our mailbox, last year my cell phone in an airplane and then 2 years before that our keys again at a camp site which was a huge because we had no way of getting back home. We have your tags on ALL our families items because we know IT WORKS! Great idea and service, we love it! "  The Anderson family, Nebraska, USA

"Everything was great. I retrieved my phone from TTC lost and found. Thank you. My experience with Return Me was flawless. "  H. B. Michael Kim, Esq., Toronto, Canada

"When travelling back from Tel Aviv our luggage never made it on our flight. After several weeks of a cat and mouse chase in which our bag was actually lost a second time by the airline, we received a call from Adam saying he'd located our bag and after confirming our details, lets us know that he'd ensure it would be on its way to our home promptly and less than 24 hours later it was on our doorstep free of charge. As relieved as we were to have our possessions and souvenirs back, we were equally pleased to be done with the drama and grateful to ReturnMe for stepping in to resolve a situation when the airline could not/would not."  Mary C., Chicago, USA

"I am so happy with the ReturnMe results. Recently My Mom was admitted to a hospital and I removed my phone from My back pocket to use the bathroom. I am always afraid it will fall in the toilet. Because of the stressful moment I forgot the phone on the counter and was very frantic to find it missing a few hours later. When I got home, a message was left on my house phone and via email of who had it and where it was. I thank the company and the person who called the number on the back of the phone."  Elaine J., London, United Kingdom

"Good morning. First and foremost let me say thank you for all the help from return me, we did receive our passports, the person who found them stated they were on the street on a sidewalk in some district in Paris, the city we were visiting. Wonderful service and so happy we had registered with your company"  Luis F Rebolledo., Spain

"Thank you for your help in getting back my Subaru keys. Your team have been wonderful and kind throughout this process. I appreciate your help."  Amy Whitman, Dallas, USA

"My husband and I had been traveling from Paris to Seattle when I accidentally left my laptop in the TSA security bin. Thankfully, it had a ReturnMe sticker, so it was found less than 48 hours later; even on a weekend! "  Rebekah Scott, Seattle, USA

"I lost my set of keys that had my car key, FOB, apartment key, kids house key’s and a USB memory stick that had personal backup information (stupidly) on it, and a CAA/ReturnMe tag. I was on my 14-day COVID-19 quarantine cycle shopping marathon. To say I was upset was an understatement. Having backtracked throughout my day, I was unable to find them. My only hope was that some kind soul would find them and contact ReturnMe. A kind person did just that, and Sarah from ReturnMe sent me an email, but unfortunately it was received in my Junk Mail. She later followed up with a phone call and explained that my keys had been found. After explaining my receipt options, I contacted the local finder and recovered my keys. I was extremely impressed by how easy the entire process was, and also the professionalism of Sarah at ReturnMe. In addition, there was no charge to me for returning my keys. I would totally recommend using the ReturnMe Service and will be spreading the good news to my family and friends."  Sam Lusty, Toronto, Canada

"You guys are AMAZING. Our husky went missing and my husband and I were running around our neighborhood when one of your agents called us that he was found. We picked him up from a few houses away and were soooo glad to have him back. Thank you again for all your help. "  Marry and Jacob, New Hampshire, USA